Meine Seite während ich in den Staaten bin!!


 Well I`m going to the USA this Thursday and well.... I`m really looking forward to it. Well this is my site where you can leave me a message in my guestbook and stuff like that. I will put pictures in here and the latest news of me. I know the design of the page sucks but well HEY it was for free.

Well then see ya.

Ich mag diese...

Musiker: .....Lots
Lieder: Season Wither von Machine Head, was weiß ich es sind zu viele
Filme: From Hell, Jarhead, Saw, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Schauspieler: Johnny Depp
Bücher: High Society, Eragon, Every Book of Dean Koontz
Sportarten: I kind of like every kind of sport which doesnt mean I'm good at any of them.
Hobbies: Playing the Guitar
Orte: USA

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